Mercy Ascot Hospital

Light plays an important role in health recovery, where exposure to certain wavelengths of light boost hormonal secretion and cell growth. The project at Mercy Ascot Hospital was to install a certain type of lighting that allowed for an increased patient recovery, while also providing a high quality working environment that was comfortable and productive.

The challenge in this project was to merge in the healthcare aspect to normal workplace lighting qualities. Through extensive research, prototypes, and diagnostic tests, our engineering team created an innovative Smart Lighting technology that allowed for manual/automatic control over colour temperature, brightness, ambiance, and full spectrum simulation.

The staff at Mercy Ascot Hospital were very pleased with our final product and it’s applications. The new Smart Lighting technology accounted for speedier patient recovery, as well as a boost in workplace comfortability and productivity.

Full Spectrum Lighting with Intelligent Wireless Control Unit to adjust every single light
Patient Bed
Nursing Station