Grand Harbour Chinese Seafood Restaurant


Grand Harbour Restaurant, established in 2000 at Viaduct, Auckland. It has immediately become one of the best known Hong Kong style cuisine in Auckland. It has multiple awards in Metro Magazine and was 2010 runner-up best Asian Restaurant. It could seat around 300.

Lighting Issues and Solution:

The existing halogen lighting has frequent failures incurring high maintenance and re-lamping cost. The halogen lamps give out too much heat emission affecting customer comfort during summer time.

Following the remarkable success of its sister restaurant at Alexandra Park, the directors made their wise decision to retrofit the existing halogen lightings to LED as soon as possible. We have replaced the existing 50w MR16 GU5.3 spot light to 6w LED GU10 by changing the lamp base and removing the existing transformer. The G9 halogen bulbs at the pendant lights and incandescent candle lights at the chandeliers are also changed to LED lamps.

The lighting effect are remarkably improved. From now on, they have a cooler summer for their guests, much reduced monthly power bills, and less maintenance calls for lighting failure and re-lamping.

Our 6w GU10 spotlight has 3100K, >550 lm, and 38° beam angle. It could really provide sufficient brightness to replace 50w GU5.3 halogen spotlight with no transformer any more.

6w LED GU10 Spotlight

  • High lighting efficacy
  • Energy saving
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance
  • Good illumination
  • Even colour & brightness
  • Cool operating temperature