Hansells Food Group

Hansells Food Group are the passionate producers and innovators behind many quality NZ food products, such as Vitafresh, Hansells All Natural, and the iconic Aunt Betty’s Traditional Steamed pudding, loved by kiwis all around New Zealand. Their iconic and delicious foods are the result of a blend of innovation and well-developed protocols to ensure the freshness that their products are today.

In 2018, Eco-Lightech was approached by Hansells with a lighting issue. Within their food packaging area, the level of brightness was insufficient at times; on top of that, energy was wasted during the day as sunlight rendered the lights obsolete. This meant that there were two issues that needed solving; firstly, sufficient brightness, and secondly, sufficient brightness when necessary.

We provided Hansells Food Group with LED High-Bay Lights. These High-Bay lights operate with daylight sensors; when daylight is sensed by these sensors, the High-Bay lights automatically dim in order to save energy. In the opposite scenario, where there is no daylight, then the High-Bay lights would be at full power to ensure maximum brightness during night shifts.