Buckley Systems

Buckley Systems is responsible for many high-end precision magnets that are used in many different areas; particle accelerators that aid in physics research, cyclotrons that help diagnose and medically treat ill patients, to semi-conductor devices utilised in computers, phones, and flat screen TV’s. Buckley System has a very large influence on many people worldwide, as their precision magnets have paved a path to technological development and solutions to many problems.

Their New Zealand factory required lighting solutions that would provide better lighting quality, longevity, and reliability to their work stations and heavy machinery. As Buckley Systems is the leading manufacturer in precision magnets, lighting failure is not an option, as failure in the lighting will possibly result in human inaccuracies or imprecision, and possibly damage the quality of the magnets if the lighting quality is not decent enough.

Eco-Lightech had to ensure high-quality and reliable Smart Lighting, and provided the best possible solution we have to Buckley Systems. The workers at Buckley systems have been very pleased with the quality of lighting provided, and it’s reliability that ensured safe and productive work environments.