Bed Bath & Beyond

In March 2014, Bed Bath & Beyond wanted to renovate their Henderson outlet. The project was replace the store panels and furnishings to match with the current colour theme of Bed Bath & Beyond. The Henderson outlet was outdated; and while a change in the theme of the store was necessary, their lighting quality was also in dire need of an upgrade.

Bed Bath & Beyond Henderson relied on high power metal halide lighting, which is notorious for poor energy efficiency, low colour rendering, high heat emission, and a lot of other negative factors. We decided that the two purposes of our lighting solution was to provide a comfortable environment for shoppers, as well as energy-efficient lighting to lower power costs.

We provided Bed Bath & Beyond with low power consuming induction high bay lamps and square recessed LED downlights with improved brightness and higher colour rendering. Bed Bath & Beyond were very pleased with the quality of their new lighting, as well as the many benefits the lighting provided.

Further in the year, Eco-Lightech aided in other Bed Bath & Beyond outlet renovations; Manukau’s Supa Centa and the Hornby outlet in Christchurch. Each store had a different criteria and specifications, but we met the expectations of our clients and provided them with clean, white lighting that reflected the nature of the store. Customer satisfaction was also provided as they were able to view Bed Bath & Beyond products with clarity as the white light simulated what the products would look like under natural sunlight conditions.