Eco-Lightech Solution Ltd. has been involved in a number of projects of different categories, such as industrial, commercial, healthcare, and retail. To learn more about our projects, please click on the following posts to read more.

  • PNL Property Holdings Ltd.

    PNL Property Holdings Ltd.

    Our client relocated his law firm office after becoming an owner occupier. They would like to improve the lighting environment for employees and visitors at the reception, meeting room and office areas.

  • Paul Money Hifi & Home Theatre

    Paul Money Hifi & Home Theatre

    To improve the retail lighting at the display area for its Mt Eden shop. To improve customer visual comfort and enjoyment of the shopping. It will also achieve a modern and high-tech image to match with its business.

  • Grand Harbour Chinese Seafood Restaurant

    Grand Harbour Chinese Seafood Restaurant

    Grand Harbour Restaurant, established in 2000 at Viaduct, Auckland. It has immediately become one of the best known Hong Kong style cuisine in Auckland. It has multiple awards in Metro Magazine and was 2010 runner-up best Asian Restaurant. It could seat around 300.

  • Grand Park Chinese Seafood Restaurant

    Grand Park Chinese Seafood Restaurant

    Grand Park Chinese Seafood Restaurant was established in 2004. Located at Alexandra Park, it is one of the best Chinese restaurants for its yum char and seafood in Auckland.

  • Hansells Food Group

    Hansells Food Group

    Hansells Food Group are the passionate producers and innovators behind many quality NZ food products, such as Vitafresh, Hansells All Natural, and the iconic Aunt Betty’s Traditional Steamed pudding, loved by kiwis all around New Zealand. In 2018, Eco-Lightech installed reliable and effective lighting technology to ensure safe working environments.

  • Bed Bath & Beyond

    Bed Bath & Beyond

    Bed Bath & Beyond are renowned for their high quality bedding, furniture and home decor designs. In 2014, Eco-Lightech aided in the renovation for 3 of their stores by providing high quality, energy-efficient and reliable lighting solutions to ensure a comfortable shopping environment and greater levels of energy saving.

  • Buckley Systems

    Buckley Systems

    Buckley Systems is a manufacturer of precision magnets including magnetic system design, engineering and integration. Their technology has been integrated into many areas of scientific development, medical applications, and everyday common products. Eco-Lightech has aided their manufacturing processes by providing high quality, reliable and long-lasting Smart Lighting in their factories.

  • Mercy Ascot Hospital

    Mercy Ascot Hospital

    The criteria for lighting Mercy Ascot Hospital’s recovery wards were very specific and unique. The consideration of patient health and recovery played a major factor in our specifications, as well as maintaining the reliability and longevity of our lights to ensure quality lighting in hospital conditions.