Serious Shooters

The Project

To phase out gradually the existing inefficient lighting with more modern and cost effective LED replacements. To improve the customers shopping experience and employee working environment .

Existing Lighting

The existing high bay and down light metal halide lamps are close to the end of their life time with remarkable lumen depreciation and colour shift. The glare from the lamps are uncomfortable shopping environment. Fluorescent tubes with flickers, lower lighting efficacy, and shorter life time are the current lighting within the gun display and staff areas.

The Solution

Replace the metal halide lamps with 150W Induction High Bay lamps. This will eliminate the glare and colour rendering problem, providing the shop with an evenly distributed and comfortable lighting environment. Replace the fluorescent tubes with 32W twin LED tubes and 18W integrated to give a cooler colour temperature and higher brightness. Significant reduction of power cost will be achieved with further retrofitting of energy efficient lighting.


  • No Glare or Flicker
  • Improved Brightness
  • Higher Colour Rendering
  • Lower Energy Cost
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Less Heat Emission