Mega Food Services Limited

The Company

Mega Food Services Limited is a market leading supplier of chilled and frozen foods to the retail and wholesale customers throughout the North Island of New Zealand. Mega Food supply over 1,500 customers throughout the North Island including, supermarkets, Butchers, Restaurants, takeaway and food bars.

The Building

The premises of Mega Food have high racking cold storage with working temperature of -20 degree and forklift areas for general storage & logistics purpose.

Lighting Issues and Solution:

We need most of the lighting hanging at 7m height to illuminate the aisle space with high lighting efficacy, low lumen depreciation, long life time and low maintenance. This application needs LED lamps to run in a cold storage working environment with minus 20 degree temperature.
To achieve that, we provided the lighting solution for the whole new building and supplied 90W LED Canopy light in between the aisle with amazing result. We also provide 60W, 1.5m LED Batten light to replace their twin fluorescent tube batten. This gives a power saving of more than 50% when compare with their previous batten.