KPac Limited

The Company

Kpac Limited is a family owned and operated business which has been offering packaging solutions to Australasian companies since the late 1980’s. Originally based in Wellington, they have grown to provide representation and service throughout New Zealand and Australasia. Kpac is a manufacturer and distributor of packaging materials. It owns and operates a custom built manufacturing facility in China, built to provide Australasian businesses with access to market leading packaging using globally cost competitive manufacturing.

The Building

This is a newly custom-built building for owner occupier in 2015, with high racking system warehouse for storage and canopy for convenient logistics purpose.

Lighting Issues and Solution:

We need most of the lighting hanging at 10.5m height to illuminate the aisle space with high lighting efficacy, low lumen depreciation, long life time and low maintenance cost. Immediate on-off, low fire risk from low heat emission, absence of flickers, and easy lighting control are the other requirements.
To achieve that. we provided the lighting solution for the whole new building and supplied 90W LED rectangular highbay in between the aisle with narrower beam angle of 30° x 70° with amazing result.