Hydac (NZ) Limited.

The Place

HYDAC International is a world leader in motion control and fluid technology, operating in over 50 countries including New Zealand & Australia with 500 sales and service partners worldwide.


They have a big open space area for display for customers at the ground floor with the reception area and no. of office rooms and meeting rooms upstairs.

Lighting Issues and Solution:

The Auckland premises of Hydac LTD. have recessed troffer fittings with fluorescent tubes. They were also using 400W Metal Halide Highbays in their warehouse area. Some of the lamps were not working and having high level of lumen depreciation. They are using 1200×600 fluorescent tube troffers recessed fitting with 3 tubes in their office areas. They are consuming not less than 150W including the ballast in the troffer fittings. They have poor lighting efficacy and poor brightness level.

They have replaced their fluorescent tube troffers with our 1200×600 LED Panel lights and also use our 150W LED Highbay in their warehouse area. The whole lighting retrofit project resulted with more than 50% savings. And an increase in brightness with a modern look for their offices.