Bed Bath & Beyond (Manukau)

Client Specification

The space under review by Eco-lighting is divided into four zones within the megastore. Each zone has a particular purpose and hence, different requirements for lighting. There is also two different ceiling height levels of 3.6m and 4.6m.

We have installed 70W (1200 x 600mm) & 45W (600 x 600mm) LED Troffers onto the suspended ceiling to achieve the client’s target brightness of 1000 lux at 1 metre from the floor. For the main entrance and the cashier area, we installed the 50W recess Down-lights.

We used a maintenance factor of 0.8, taking into consideration of lumen depreciations, allowing the lamps to achieve 1000 lux throughout their operating lifespan.

The LED lighting has created a neat and vibrant atmosphere within the store. The clean, white light reflects the nature of the store and increases the client’s customer satisfaction by allowing the products on sale to be viewed more clearly and effectively. (change left photo to A)