Induction Street Light


Eco-lightech Induction Street Light utilises the state-of-theart technology to take illumination to a new level. Induction lighting boasts improved lifespan and a higher colour rendering abilities compared to fluorescent, metal halides and high-pressure sodium lamps.


• UV Anti-ageing silicone gasket
• Die cast alumimium finished light grey
• IP rating of spigot compartment is preserved
• Diffuser made of 4mm toughened safety glass
• Reflector made of high purity alumimium and polished
• Hinged diffuser cover for ease access to lamp and control gear


Available Wattage: 40W – 200W
Colour Temperature: 2700 – 6500K
Ambient Temperature: -15 – 40°C
IP Rating: 65
Reflector: Nano / Al
Replaces: R10 – HID 250W / 400W
R11 – HID 70W / 150W / 250W
Optional: Frosted Glass / Nanoflex®
Coating Applications: Streets, Highways , Outdoor Areas