Eco-Lightech Solution has been selling imported LED lighting mostly on project basis since 2011. From early 2018, we have moved towards the provision of customised Smart Lighting Solutions and Full Spectrum Lighting. We have also relocated to Mt wellington since July 2018, allowing us to provide our sustainability and quality concerned clients a wider range of lighting solutions primarily locally developed and manufactured.

In addition to providing energy efficient lighting solutions, our smart lightings that can have wireless mesh network, programmed or automatic control, optional indoor environmental quality (IEQ) sensing, tracking, data transmission, big data storage and analysis for building management system (BMS), and then Artificial Intelligence for control and optimization. These technologies have allowed our lighting as a platform to add options for many special needs for our clients.

We have the vision to improve the performance, comfort and health of the people enjoying our products and service. Our retina is picking up certain spectrum to regulate our hormone secretion, mood, behaviour, and sleep pattern on top of illumination for vision. We wish to provide lighting solutions to address different needs.

We use high quality LED chips and power supply to design and build lightings that can achieve a much-extended life time and higher lighting efficacy, with remarkable savings in cost for maintenance and power consumption. For different market segments, our engineers are looking forward to providing them with customised high-tech solutions for all kinds of challenging situations. They cover issues in hospitals, healthcare facilities, logistics or distribution warehouses, factories, commercial office buildings, schools, stadiums, and retail centres.

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